JOHNNY CASH \"American V: A Hundred Highways\"


Die letzten Aufnahmen von Johnny Cash werden nun am 4. Juli diesen Jahres veröffentlich. "American V: A Hundred Highways", so der Titel, wurde von Produzent Rick Rubin im September 2003 mit Johnny Cash aufgenommen. Hier noch ein Statement vom Label:
"The songs [...] are as eclectic an assortment as any on the previous albums in the American series: "Help Me," a poignant plea to God, the hauntingly beautiful ballad "If You Could Read My Mind," "God's Gonna Cut You Down," a traditional spiritual, the touching "Love's Been Good To Me," the heartrending "On The Evening Train," and "Further On (Up the Road)" are among the tracks on the new album. Songwriters for the tracks run the gamut from Hank Williams to Rod McKuen to Bruce Springsteen."