JUSTICE bei Reflections Records


JUSTICE sind bei Reflections Records untergekommen. Die Band wird ihren nächsten Longplayer gemeinsam mit Don Fury in NYC aufnehmen und strebt ein ende 2006/ anfang 2007 Release an.

Hier das Labelstatement:

"We're very proud and very excited to announce that we have added JUSTICE from Belgium to our ever growing roster! There's a saying that says there are two kinds of people: The kind that gets things done and the kind that talks about getting things done while life passes them by. Well, JUSTICE definitely isn't part of the latter! From the very start this band has been a synonym for determination, hard work, enthousiasm and dedication. Disappointed and at the same time motivated by the comatose state the hardcore scene was in at the time, JUSTICE was started to bring back enthusiasm, energy and a genuine love for hardcore. Their infectious energy caught on and spread like wildfire, while their non stop touring and playing out definitely helped the band to gain momumentum quickly. Within a year after their first show JUSTICE had already put out a well received demo and now near classic debut 7"/CDEP, plus they'd already toured the States and Europe!

2006 marks the band's third birthday. With a renewed, rock solid line up, comprised of founding members Stief on guitar and Filip on vocals plus Billy on drums and Sike on bass, JUSTICE hit the studio once again to record their most melodic and daring songs to date: "Up And Down" and "Push It To The Edge" - both songs came out on a 7" released on the bands' own, new label: Powered Records. With a demo, two 7" EP's and an LP/CD under their belts, as well as tours with bands like Underdog, Mental and Righteous Jams JUSTICE felt like the time was right to take the next step and take things further than ever in 2006!

In a time where it's getting increasingly harder to tell what is real from what is fake and what is genuine from what is soulless it is a blessing to have a band like JUSTICE, who bring nothing but heartfelt enthousiasm, headstrong determination and above all: honest and strong hardcore. Not only that, they also manage to do it their own way, drawing influences from less obvious bands like Supertouch and Quicksand while still retaining their own energetic and authentic hardcore sound, with a strong focus on the actual songs. The band will be recording their 2nd full-length LP/CD for Reflections this fall with Don Fury in NYC, which is slated for a late 2006/ early 2007 release. Rest assured: 2006 will once again be JUSTICE's year. - expect the unexpected!"