KEEP OF KALESSIN veröffentlichen Albumdetails


KEEP OF KALESSIN haben das Coverartwork und die Tracklist ihres neuen Albums “Reptilian” online gestellt, das am 14. Mai via Nuclear Blast erscheinen wird.

“The music on “Reptilian” is more in your face and direct than before so we chose this cover and the title to emphasise that directness as well as focusing even more on the fantasy elemement in the band. This beast of an album is staring at you and it's going straight for your throat!” - Obsidian C. / KEEP OF KALESSIN

1. Dragon Iconography
2. The Awakening
3. Judgement
4. The Dragontower
5. Leaving The Mortal Flesh
6. Dark As Moonless Night
7. The Divine Land
8. Reptilian Majesty