LIFERUINER - Doppelt und neuer Song


LIFERUINER sind Garant für jede Menge Gossip und permanente Auflösungen. Nun gibt es jedoch zwei Versionen der Band, eine in New York, die andere in Kanada. Beide berufen sich auf den selben Backkatalog.

Auf der Myspace Seite der kanadischen Version steht folgendes Statement:

xLIFERUINERx was originally founded as a straight-edge, hardcore band, from Toronto, Ontario, formed in 2004. Although never taken serious at the beginning, just created to play shows and get unreal reactions.

The band quickly grew with touring, recorded No Saints and signed with Tribunal Records for it's release and continued to tour the country relentlessly. Following up to that album, although member changes flew by, the band recorded Taking Back The Nightlife, and signed it's release with Uprising Records. Never getting off the road.

Coming up to the next tour, the bands management decided it would be wise to cut losses and problems, and ditched all remaining Canadian members and replaced them with American members to fill the spots. And the US version of "LIFERUINER" continues to tour playing/using the songs written by the real LIFERUINER.

Although this lineup we have is not a touring band, We will continue to play shows as LIFERUINER, the band we all spent our time, hearts, money and lives creating. Playing shows for the fans.

Einen neuen Song besagter Version gibt es HIER.