LIVING WITH LIONS - weiterhin zu viert


Nach dem Ausstieg von Sänger Matt Postal machen die Kanadier zu viert weiter - Ersatz am Mikro soll es nicht geben:

"Picking a new singer, a new person to bring into the fold, someone that may or may not pan out in the long hall seemed very unappealing to us almost right away. Trust me it was all we thought about for the better part of the year. We kept on drawing the same conclusion, none of us really wanted to bring anyone else in. We've decided to continue on as a four piece with myself taking over lead vocal duties. I guess it's that simple. Its's been a surprisingly easy prosess and I'm excited to get a chance to sing the lyrics I've written over the years."

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von Tobe 12.10.2012 17:42

da die ja grad auf tour sind, kann jemand was zu den qualitäten des jetzigen sängers sagen ?