MACHINE HEAD - News vom Drummer und Trackliste


Machine Head Drummer Dave McClain hat folgende Nachricht auf der offiziellen Homepage der Band gepostet:

"Looking forward to getting back on the road [with Lamb of God, Trivium and Gojira] and unleashing the new album on everyone! Everything is finally coming together. Artwork and CD booklet getting finalized, mastering is complete and preparations for the Lamb of God tour are underway!!

I started practicing today by myself and getting in 'show shape.' I practice a lot on my own but today I started playing like I would if we were doing a show, just basically hitting a lot harder and running through a lot of songs back to back. A good day of practicing, I already feel like I'm in 'mid-tour' form. So, about three songs into playing, I feel some blisters start to form. I was going to put some tape around them just to keep them from popping and ripping open but I kept playing on and two songs later I actually got to see two chunks fly off my hand!!! Yes!! I hardly ever get to see them fly off. My lucky day, I guess!

Anyway, back to the tour.

I've never seen Gojira before but heard some of the their stuff and heard that they're a killer live band.

Of course, we already know the Trivium guys really well and have crossed paths a few times. Hmmmm, I see booze in our future!!

I can safely say that Lamb of God are one of my favorite metal bands. Killer riffs, great musicians and after doing some shows with them and coming out to a few on our own and hanging out with them, I can also say that they're cool people as well. Really looking forward to watching Chris [Adler, Lamb of God drummer] play every night. I see more booze in our future!

"That's about it. See ya on the road!!"

Machine Head's Sechstes Studio-Album “The Blackening” erscheint im Frühjahr.
Das Quartett nahm die CD in den Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, Kalifornien auf. Frontmann Robert Flynn kehrte dafür in den Prodzentenstuhl zurück und Mark Keaton übernahm wieder die Rolle des masterns. Colin Richardson (Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine) mischte das ganze zusammen mit Flynn in London. Das Design des Albumcovers etc. wurde erneut von Paul Brown, der schon seit langem für die Band tätig ist, kreiert.

„The Blackening" vorraussichtliche Trackliste (nicht in finaler Reihenfolge):

01. Clenching the Fists of Dissent
02. Beautiful Mourning
03. Aesthetics of Hate
04. Now I Lay Thee Down
05. Slanderous
06. Halo
07. Wolves
08. A Farewell to Arms