MACHINE HEAD - Spalten die Gemüter


Mal ein wenig Musik-Gossip aus dem Mutterland der Yellow Press, England. Nachdem kürzlich die Kerrang!-Aewards verteilt wurden, haben sich Anhänger von FALL OUT BOY und MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE in diversen Internet-Foren über den Sieg von MACHINE HEAD in der Kategorie "Bestes Album" ein wenig echauffiert.

Hier die ganze Geschichte, erzählt aus der Sicht von Machine Head:

"[Our win] has apparently cut deep with fans of both bands, prompting a flood of angry whining and sad-faced emoticons on the Kerrang! message boards. Machine Head's upset victory over the multi-platinum softcore acts sent their inherently sensitive fans into an emotional frenzy, building into a tizzy of unparalleled proportions. Wrought with dismay, polished fingernails the world over lashed out at the band and metal as a whole with diatribes the likes of "MCR really should have won!!! I'm mad now!!!!”, "what a load of shit, who the fuck listens to them?" and "Stupid Machine Head!!", at times stooping so low as to say the competition was fixed, and often gravely endangering the integrity of their carefully sideswept hair with posts like "I H8 METAL, I H8 METAL, I H8 METAL, I H8 METAL, I H8 METAL, I H8 METAL, I H8 METAL!"