MASTODON - Details zum kommenden Album


MASTODON werden im Frühling ins Studio gehen, um den Nachfolger zum 2006er Werk "Blood Mountain" aufzunehmen. Dabei ist eine Veröffentlichung Ende 2008 über Warner Bros. Records geplant.

In einem Interview gab MASTODONs Drummer Brann Dailor Auskünfte zum Songwritingprozess des kommenden Outputs:
"It's a long, arduous process. We've got a skeleton for the whole record and these huge chunks of music four of five different segments that don't have a beginning or end yet... We're just basically in the middle of the record, adding stuff, giving it a taste then adding a little more 'pepper' or 'salt.' Once all the ingredients are in there, you have to bake it — which is just playing it over and over again until it feels right. The main goal is to get the songs right so you don't have to think about the time changes — so you can relax with it and play it how it should be played. There's a level of difficulty to our stuff and if you're too wrapped up in trying to remember how many times something goes and the timing for the next riff, you can't examine the song for being a song. So it takes a while."