MISERY INDEX - 9 sind fertig / Kollektion sämtlicher Splits


MISERY INDEX haben bereits 9 Songs für ein neues Album geschrieben und geben dazu und zu einer im Januar erscheinenden Split Kollektion folgendes Statement:

"We are happy to say the hibernation has paid off, and we have roughly nine songs in preparation for the January recording of our fourth full-length, to be recorded at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore, Maryland beginning January 2, 2010. These are the guys that mixed and mastered 'Traitors', so we are excited to do the entire project there this time around. We will have more details on that in the coming weeks.

"In the meantime, we are pleased to announce, at long last, our discography collection of splits and EPs, entitled 'Pulling Out The Nails' (after the first song the band wrote). It will feature 30 tracks, and include all non-album material from 2001-2008, including the 'Overthrow' and 'Dissent' EPs, as well as the splits with STRUCTURE OF LIES, COMMIT SUICIDE, MUMAKIL, and BATHTUB SHITTER, the 'Hang 'Em High' 7", live tracks, bonus covers etc. The compilation was remastered by Scott Hull this year, and will be available in January on CD through our own Anarchos Records imprint, and on double vinyl through Power It Up (Germany) soon after. This CD will also include an extensive 24-page booklet of details, notes, pictures, and an all-time list of all the shows we have performed. We hope its the final representation of the various incarnations of the band in the past eight years."

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von arndt 18.11.2009 16:35

sehr sehr cool