MODERN LIFE IS WAR brechen US Tour ab


MODERN LIFE IS WAR mussten ihre laufende Tour abbrechen, da ihr Van verreckt ist.

Hier das statement von Sänger Jeffrey Eaton:

"We left denver at 8am bound for our show tonight in Lawrence, Kansas. At 9:30 our van overheated, sprung leaks and the headgasket blew just outside of limon colorado. So after getting it into a shop and realizing that it would take 2 days and at least a grand to bring the green limousine back from the dead we decided to bury the unfaithful bitch right here in this one horse town.

I am now in the back of a u-haul cargo trailer with no windows for the next 12 hours. There is a sign that says what we are doing can lead to serious injury and death so keep your fingers crossed and we will keep ours crossed cause we really want to make another record and have more good times with friends and loved ones."