MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD - Song in einer Stunde aufgenommen


MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD haben kürzlich einen neuen Song binnen einer Stunde geschrieben und aufgenommen. Dies war Teil eines vom Revolver Magazin gesponserten Projektes. Hier das Statement der Band zu der Aktion:

"Yesterday we were asked to create a song in an hours time by Revolver, the magazine. So Rob, Rachel and I went down to the Guitar World office and walked into this giant room. In the corner of the room was the lady from Roland. She had this crazy mobile digital recording device. They gave us an hour and we had to write and record a song. Problem was, Revolver had just moved into some new offices and there are lawyers downstairs who complain about the noise. Interesting. So they tell Rob, he can't scream on the track. Uhh....ok. We played around for a bit and came up with the worst shit we've ever slapped our name on. It was really embarrassing but the device was really cool. The song clocks in a few hairs short of a minute I believe and we called it "Our Publicist Wouldn't Let Our Rhythm Section Come Along (I Just Wanna Be Your Jerry Graham) {Rebecca Fain Has To Leave by 4:30PM}". So keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one."

Den Song wird man demnächst auf der Website des Revolver Magazins downloaden können.