MY BITTER END - Suchen neuen Gitarristen


MY BITTER END suchen einen neuen Gitarristen, nachdem AJ Tompkins nicht in die Band zurückkehren möchte. Hier das Statement:

"We were hoping that AJ would want to come back and write another record and play some shows, but alas, he has decided to officially part ways with My BItter End and so we are going to be trying out people for the position of lead guitar in the band. We have a few requirements that would need to be secured first though:
1. must be at least 21 yrs old
2. must have reliable equipment/transportation for practice once, sometimes twice a week
3. we're not currently planning any big tours, but we will be in the future... so being able to get time off from work every 4-8 months for 2-6 weeks would also be a plus
4. we like to party like anyone else, but no drug addicts please
5. must be able to play our material (duh)"
If you think you fit this profile, send us a message. If you have any way of recording yourself playing our stuff that would also be killer. We look forward to hearing from you."