NAZARETH neues Studioalbum ab 15.04., Tour ab April


earMUSIC, das in Hamburg ansässige Pop-Rock-Label der Edel AG, freut sich über die Auffrischung ihrer Beziehung mit den schottischen Rockern NAZARETH. Am 15. April 2011 wird das neue Studioalbum „Big Dogz” erscheinen.

„Big Dogz“ wurde nun in Prag aufgenommen, in Basel gemischt und von dem Gitarristen Jimmy Murrison sowie dem jungen Schweizer Sound-Zauberer Yann Rouiller produziert.

„Big Dogz“ wird auf LP, CD und als Deluxe Edition mit einer unveröffentlichten Akustik-Session aus dem Jahr 2000 veröffentlicht.

NAZARETH wird in bester Tradition durch Europa touren:

20.04. Aalen (GER) -With Uriah Heep
21.04. Unna (GER)-With Uriah Heep
23.04. Leipzig (GER)-With Uriah Heep
24.4. Erfurt (GER)-With Uriah Heep
25.04. Filderstadt (GER)-With Uriah Heep
27.04. Lorsch (GER)
02.05. Augsburg (GER)
03.05. Aschaffenburg (GER)
05.05. Villach (A)
06.05. Weiz (A)
07.05. Wels (A)
09.05. Regensburg (GER)
10.05. Munich (GER)-With Uriah Heep
12.05. Vienna (A)-With Uriah Heep
13.05. Leoben (A)-With Uriah Heep
14.05. Kundl (A)-With Uriah Heep
16.05. Prattein
17.05. Neustadt Aisch (GER)
19.05. Giessen (GER)-With Uriah Heep
20.05. Oberhausen (GER)-With Uriah Heep
21.05. Morbach (GER)-With Uriah Heep
23.05. Hamburg (GER)
25.05. Oberderdingen (GER)

Einen ersten Höreindruck in Form eines kurzen Medleys gibt es HIER.

Alte Kommentare

von Dave Smith 23.02.2011 00:03

It can't get any worse than this. Nazareth are dead. Big Dogz SUCKS!!

von Nazfannumber1 23.02.2011 00:20

Nazareth is so awesome; don't ever say Nazareth are dead. They are the best band in the world and alway will be. You are very disrespectful and ignorant, so GTFO!!! Why the f*** did you even comment? You individual who has no taste for good music!!! So GTFO and go listen to your justin beaver or crap like that.

von Jeff samson 23.02.2011 03:34

I used to be a Nazareth fan in the 70s but they lost me when they went soft in the 80s. This is the first time in years that I have heard anything new from them. Big dogz is the biggest pile of crap I've ever heard.

von thomas 23.02.2011 04:00

Laut sind sie aber gut sind sie (Nazareth) nicht mehr. Big Dogz = Grosse Scheisse.

von Charlie 23.02.2011 04:02

Yeah, this is not good. Not good at all.

von Ray 23.02.2011 04:05

Who would buy this crap? People with no musical taste whatsoever. Does this band not know how to produce good hard rock? I guess not based on this sample.

von Breno Raphaldini 23.02.2011 04:22

I can't see anything too wrong with these songs, and besides that Nazareth released a great album in 2008, The Newz. From what I heard I think it's ok, it doesn't seem to be as good as The Newz, but still ok. At least they are not playing modern/alternative shit.

von Brian Boice 23.02.2011 05:15

The opening song is not bad but the rest is crap. lousy vocals and terrible lyrics.

von Gustav 23.02.2011 05:19

Ich sage auch, die neue scheibe von Nazareth ist wirklich scheisse.

von Brett 23.02.2011 05:21

Is this really Nazareth? If it is, it awful. I don't like it.

von Paul Garfield 23.02.2011 05:25

From the new studio tracks Big Dogz Gonna Howl is the only song that is somewhat good. The rest is garbage.

von Stan 23.02.2011 05:28

I agree with most of the comments that have been made so far. I can't believe this is Nazareth. They suck nowadays.

von Lars 23.02.2011 07:03

Please Don't judge until you have heard the whole CD.

von Astrid 23.02.2011 07:07

Big Dogz = Grosse Scheisse. Laut sind sie diese herren von Nazareth aber gut sind sie nicht mehr.

von Hans Klempner 23.02.2011 08:01

Grossartig!!! Nazareth rock'n wie immer. Fantastisch

von ??? 23.02.2011 08:06

was bitte geht denn hier ab?

von Phil 23.02.2011 08:12

I agree with Lars. Don't judge until you have heard the entire CD.

von Tobe 23.02.2011 12:06

wettn dass das zeug hier grossteils vom gleichen depp kommt ?

von Guenther 24.02.2011 00:39

Ich glaube Tobe hat recht.

von Ron 24.02.2011 00:43

I can't believe people are making all these negative comments without hear all the tracks. It is not fair to Nazareth and the band does deserve respect.

von Garry 24.02.2011 00:58

The last time I was at a Nazareth concert was in 1978. I was a stationed in Germany at the time. A buddy of mine and our girlfriends went and had a blast. They put on a great show. I haven't seen them since. I really want to see the band again. I've tried listening to the samples but for some reason can't. Nazareth didn't disappoint back then and so I can't see them disappointing now.

von Drew 24.02.2011 03:22

It's not great but it's not bad either.

von ndndgtz 24.02.2011 03:23


von Stuart 24.02.2011 03:36

I was 13 in 1979. My dad was also stationed in Germany and my family lived near Munich at the time. My dad, who was a huge fan of the band, took me and my older brother to see Nazareth on their No Mean City tour. It's a great memory and it was a great show. Every time I hear the name Nazareth it takes me back to that time. I wish them good luck with the new album. I like the cover and it sounds pretty good at a first listen.

von Graham 24.02.2011 03:43

This CD is going to be absolute rubbish. 7 minutes is more than anyone who has musical taste can handle and likes hard rock.

von Ricardo 24.02.2011 11:36

I think this CD will be great!

von Tobe 24.02.2011 12:48

so langsam würd mich schon interessieren was der mist hier soll :D

von LUIS ALBERTO 24.02.2011 16:44

QUE TAL INCLUIR NO SET LIST: Revenge is Sweet Place in Your Heart Whatever You Want Babe Little Part Of You Rain On The Window Holy Roller L.A. Girls

von RK 24.02.2011 16:57

They sound flat and lifeless. It is also very badly produced.

von Blair 24.02.2011 17:03

It does sound flat. Sorry, they get no brownie point from me for this tripe.

von Eric 24.02.2011 18:06

It does NOT sound flat. Get your ears checked!!! I think it sounds great and I can't wait to hear the whole thing.

von Siglinde 24.02.2011 18:11

Langsam würd mich auch interessieren was der mist hier soll.

von Colin 24.02.2011 18:45

Please keep in mind the medley you are listening to is not the final product. It's a ruff mix. I know this because I read an update from Lee Agnew on Nazareth's website. All the negative comments are premature.

von Rocknrolla 24.02.2011 19:53

Honestly, how´s it possible to "hate" the album when only been listening for 7 minutes i total? Have you actually heard the whole album? Well, everyone is in title of their own opinion, and here´s mine. I thing the song "big dogz" sounds very very good! I can not hear anything "flat" about it at all! It sounds kind of modern (if you compare with the 70´s albums), but i think that is the point, and i like it, because i´m not so dumb that i expect it to sound as then! Not with 2 new bandmembers with a VERY different style of playing than the original! So, i´m glad that Jimmy doesn´t attempt any blues licks, cause it´s not his style and does other things better! As for "No mean monster" i have to say that it sounds in it roots as the heaviest thing they´ve done. But the guitar is played with a telecaster (i think so anyway), and that makes the song sound "lighter" than it actually is! "Radio" and "The toast"? Nothing special to me, but not bad! There are other colours than black and white you know?!?!

von bitte... 25.02.2011 05:41


von John 25.02.2011 07:28

Rough demos you say? Hmmm!!! Sometimes rough demos sound better than the final product. If that is the case, big dogz is going to be one lousy cd. I hope I am wrong.

von Brigitte 25.02.2011 17:01


von Henry 27.02.2011 16:40

Do you want to know why it is so bad? Listen to a line in the second last song. "we were all very drunk". There's your answer. Rough mix or not, most of it is crap.

von Gregor Kappler 01.03.2011 21:28

Beim ersten anhören des clips war ich etwas entäuscht doch nach mehrmaligem anhören vor allem laut gefällt mir das ganze immer mehr deswegen aufhören zu nörgeln und warten bis die Scheibe im Originalsound zu hören ist. Es wäre die erste Naz Scheibe die mir nicht gefallen würde aber ich habe vertrauen in Nazareth die Scheibe wird gut

von Ursela Henke 08.03.2011 01:15

Mir gefällt es auch.

von Uwe 12.03.2011 05:12

Nazareth sind die besten rocker aller zeiten!!!

von Werner Hailer 13.03.2011 20:03

Mir gefällt es überhaupt nicht. Dan hört sich schrecklich an. Er had einmal eine gutte stimme gehapt aber heute nich mehr. Es ist Schade.

von ibraim padilha 19.03.2011 02:02

nazareth forever