NORTHLANE - auf Europatour mit HELLIONS


Die beiden australischen Metalbands NORTHLANE und HELLIONS touren ab Ende April zusammen durch Europa. Anbei die Termine und Hoereindruecke zum Doppelpack.

"Every time we come back to Europe we have an amazing time, and we're hoping this summer is no different. Alongside a handful of festivals including GROEZROCK, Impericon Festivals and Never Say Die! Tour, we're playing some headline shows with Hellions and Hundredth, which we're incredibly excited about. Tickets are on sale now, see you soon Europe!"


Apr 22 Impericon Festival 2016 Oberhausen , Germany
Apr 23 Impericon Festival 2016 Leipzig , Germany
Apr 24 Never Say Die! Trier, Germany
Apr 28 Never Say Die! Schweinfurt, Germany
Apr 29 GROEZROCK Meerhout, Belgium (Hellions only)
Apr 30 GROEZROCK Meerhout, Belgium (Northlane only)
May 01 Impericon Festival 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 05 Impericon Festival 2016 Zürich, Switzerland
May 06 Impericon Festival 2016 Wien, Austria
May 07 Impericon Festival 2016 München, Germany
May 09 Kofhmehl Solothurn, Switzerland
May 10 PPC Graz, Austria
May 11 Rockhouse Salzburg, Austria
May 13 Stadtmitte Karlsruhe, Germany
May 25 Underground Ehrenfeld, Germany (Northlane only)