NO USE FOR A NAME - Dave Nassie bestätigt Ausstieg


Dave Nassie hat seinen Ausstieg bei NO USE FOR A NAME bestätigt. Nassie wird zukünftig Gitarrist bei BLEEDING THROUGH sein. Er kommentiert:

"I just wanted to take this time to thank all the No Use friends, family, and fans for all your love and support for the past 10 years. I am sure most everyone by this time knows, but I will no longer be found on stage right guitar. I have truly enjoyed and appreciated all the years making music, life long friends, and records with such a talented group of people. I can't sum up in one phrase how to describe my time in this band, but I can tell you I wouldn't have the family I do or the wonderful memories without the important roles of so many. No Use will always hold a special place in my heart and to Tony, Rory, and Matt I am forever proud to say I have shared the stage and so many amazing times with you. I will always look back on my time in this band as one who was lucky to play such great songs and share them with so many. To everyone at Fat and the all the agencies that have taken us around the globe I appreciate all you have done and will miss you all."

Alte Kommentare

von DrFaust 26.06.2009 08:45

Wer verlässt eigentlich noch alles seine Band um mal bei Bleeding Through zu spielen?

von m0re 26.06.2009 10:09

:D da hat er recht! der sänger von Have Heart hatte bestimmt garkeinen familiären notfall sondern hockt jez hinterm schlagzeug

von edg 26.06.2009 11:50

naiv... ich habe wirklich gedacht, der man schafft beides.... das ging fix... sehr schade.

von @m0re 26.06.2009 13:28

der hat schon ne andere band am start falls du es nicht wusstest...