OLD MAN MARKLEY - weiterer neuer Song online


OLD MAN MARKLEY veröffentlichen ihr neues Album "Down Side Up" am 5. März via Fat Wreck. Mit "Train Of Thought" kann nun ein weiterer Track der Platte im Stream angehört werden, der HIER zu finden ist.

Basser Joey Garibaldi zum neuen Song:

“"Train of Thought" is a cargo car of ideas let loose on the tracks. The fiddle lines soar like scenery viewed through a train window, the guitar drives the song forward, and the music flies full-speed ahead, just like life...it reminds us, above the beautiful rush of sound, to remember to slow down and look around.
Smell a rose. Watch a train go by. Take the scenic route.”

"Down Side Up" Trackliste:

1. Blood On My Hands
2. Rehearsal
3. America’s Dreaming
4. Come Around Here
5. Blindfold
6. So Much More
7. Hard To Understand
8. Beyond The Moon
9. Hand Me Down
10. Up Side Down
11. Fastbreak
12. Train Of Thought
13. Too Soon For Goodnight