PANIC! AT THE DISCO - sprechen über ehemaliges Bandmitglied


PANIC! AT THE DISCO erklären Bissist Brent Wilson's Ausstieg. Gitarrist Ryan Ross hatte folgendes zu sagen: "It was tough, because we all went to high school together," he explained. "It just got to a point where it didn't seem like he was taking it seriously and was along for the ride.

"And he started to get into things we weren't happy about. It was a hard decision, but with Jon in the band now, we know it was the right decision."

Der neue Bassist Jon Walker gab folgendes Statement: "This band is everything to these guys, so it's not fair to them if someone in the band can't keep up."

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von Franzi 08.10.2007 16:57

Jon ist mir viel sympatischer als Brent...Brent kam mir in Interviews immer total gelangweilt und unsympatisch rüber!