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POISON THE WELL haben sich in einem Interview gegenüber Hot Topic zum neuen Album 'Versions' geäußert:

A Snapshot of Now with PTW's Ryan Primack

HT: Poison The Well hasn't released an album since 2003. What's been going on these last few years?

Ryan: Well, the last few years have been kinda crazy. We sorta redesigned the whole idea and there were some member changes. We also lost a good bit of time, as there was a death in one of our families that required a lot of healing time.

HT: There have been a few lineup changes this time around. How does that affect your sound and the dynamic of the band?

Ryan: I don't know if I could pinpoint a change. We rarely ever do things consciously; they just sort of happen. So I suppose I would say our dynamic remains similar... a group of dudes who always try to put something personal out musically every time we make a record.

HT: You guys are working on the new album, Versions. How's the recording process coming along and when do you expect the new album is going to come out? How does the new album compare to your previous releases, like The Opposite of December, which are considered by many to be some of the best hardcore albums available?

Ryan: We're in Sweden right now finishing everything up. I've never been more excited to release a record. I really think its something interesting. Whether that will be good or bad to others I don't know. I just know that I really feel strongly about it. It's definitely not a middle-of-the-road record.

I think it doesn't compare. That record was a snapshot of a time in all of our lives, just as this record is a snapshot of now. I don't think you can compare the two. I rarely take the time to speculate on how important it was or wasn't. It meant the world to me when we were making it and it means the world to me now. As for its value to others, I don't know whether it's my place to comment on that really. I'm immensely flattered that its received such amazing compliments.

HT: Did you have any particular inspiration for the songs on Versions? What was going on in your lives when you were writing and recording the album?

Ryan: Too many things to write. I think life on a daily basis works its way into the music we make. It seems fair to say that being alive is an influence, and all that comes with that... good or bad.

HT: How important are sites like Myspace when it comes to interacting with fans and getting new music out there?

Ryan: I think Myspace has become a huge influence on music. I mean, there are downsides and upsides but I don't think anyone could deny that there are bands that are born on that site. I think it's awesome that there is a platform for people to so easily get music out to others. I don't think anyone who makes music could disagree with that.

HT: What are you doing in 2007?

Ryan: Were gonna tour our faces off (woo hoo!) and probably kill a van or two.

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