POISON THE WELL - Trailer gestohlen


POISON THE WELL wurde der Trailer inklusive Equipment in Detroit während ihrer ersten Show auf Tour mit BILLY TALENT gestohlen. Die Band ist versichert und wird die Tour in Kürze fortsetzen. Hier ein Statement:

"So this morning we woke up at our delightful Marriot Courtyard hotel (Priceline, get into it) and walked outside to get in the van to head to Chicago for our second show of the tour. Only problem, it isn't there. Either someone is pulling some Merlin shit on us and just waiting for the perfect moment to unveil it and calm our shot nerves, or a talented scumbag stole our van and trailer with literally everything we own inside. Needless to say, we're crushed. Our most beloved instruments are gone, and trust me, we're gear nerds.

After a great deal of scrambling and deliberation, we found a way to stay on tour, after a few days off to get some gear and a rental van together. Having something like this happen is the worst thing that can happen to any band short of someone dying, and we're incredibly stoked to finish this tour with Billy Talent and play every night doing what we love.

Our most sincere thanks to everyone who offered to help us in any way, our friends mean the world to us and everyone who has reached out today is absolutely mind blowing. Huge huge ups to Adam, Dave, and Jackie at Yeah!, the entire Ferret Records Family (Carl cause hes got the cash and Rick cause he calls the shots), Issac and the entire Indie Merch and Jakprints family, Tour Dog Leasing and Rental (thanks for driving to detroit to come get us), Jimmy and First Act Guitars, Russel Blair and Orange Amps, Derek at Ernie Ball, Tyme Rogers and Tech 21, Evan Obrien and Korg, Scott Uchida and Jim Dunlop, Jon "Shabba on the spot" Linton, John 'Badge' Chidley. Some of these people have always helped us out and are further making our lives better. Some of these people barely know us and have helped us this with this shit time.

If you want to help out, we'll have a limited edition shirt online sometime soon that makes fun of our situation and is awesome, and all proceeds from that will go to wiping away our tears and some new tumbleweeds for the insides of our wallets."

Alte Kommentare

von Rob 17.09.2009 08:46

man könnte auch einfach anhänger schreiben...

von zerschmetterling 17.09.2009 10:14

irgendwie verrückt, dass die in amiland mit billy talent auf tour gehen. bin mal gespannt wie das tshirt aussieht...

von stimmt ja 17.09.2009 10:17

oh Fuck sowas ist echt übel...

von Sno 17.09.2009 10:36

BItter... Ich glaube ich würd ausrasten wenn mir so ein blöder Tortenarsch meine Gitarre samt AMP geklaut hätte

von ralle 17.09.2009 17:04

sowas passiert immer nur den guten... streetlight manifesto hätten wegen so nem scheiss fast aufgegeben...

von klugscheisser 17.09.2009 21:25

ptw ist sowohl der bus als auch der anhänger inc. inhalt gestohlen worden! wenn übersetzen, dann richitg!