POISON THE WELL wollen neues Album aufnehmen


Poison The Well haben sich zum Ziel gesetzt, im nächsten Jahr ein neues Album herauszubringen. Auf welchem Label ist noch nicht bekannt. Hier die Band dazu:

"We´ve made the very long trek from Miami, Florida to Umeå, Sweden. Right now we´re trying to fight jet lag and not really sure what time it´s because it´s dark all the time. Once again will be working with the Swedish duo, Pelle Henricsson and Eskil Lövström (Refused, Cult of Luna.) We start moving into the studio on Monday, an old town hall/barn on the edge of town where we will being doing all the basic tracking (drums, bass, and guitar) and right after that we will be moving into Tonteknik Recording Studios to finish up with overdubs, vocals, mixing and mastering. In total we should be here for about 6 weeks."

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von hth 13.11.2006 19:48

vorfreude :D