PUNCHLINE - Sänger / Gitarrist Greg Wood verlässt die Band


Hier das Statement:

"Hello everyone.
Well after a couple months of keeping it on the DL, its time to let you all know...tonight and tomorrow's shows in Denver and Amarillo will be Greg's last 2 shows with us.We are all very sad to say goodbye to Greg, and we wish him the best of luck in everything he pursues!He is and will always be one of our best friends in the world.He came to us in a time of need and we have spent the past couple years together...The following is a message from Greg...


It was a year and two-thirds I'll never forget. I love these guys, and I love everything we've done, and created together, and accomplished in this endeavor. The motivation for this change in my life has nothing to do with what I'll be moving away from, but rather what I'll be moving towards.

I've got a lot of ambitions in my life outside music, and more and more, I've been struggling with the fact that what we've been doing allows for no other pursuits. I always want music and performing to be in my life, but it's not all I want in my life. Furthermore, as the endgoal of our hardwork becomes less of an imagined set of intangibles, and more of a realistic set of tangibles (and seeing more and more friends reach higher levels of success), I have been realizing that all of the sacrifices we make, and the work we put into success actually leads to a place that won't fulfill me, personally.

I have personal lessons to learn and other worlds to explore which I can't do in this lifestyle. Part of the romance to me of this lifestyle has always been the struggle, and after 12 years of reveling in that struggle, I feel like the reward has been just that journey. Now I have new struggles to undertake, and am anxious to find romance in other passions as well.

To fans who are disappointed by my decision to leave, please know that it is 100% amicable with the band, and it is something I do with optimism about both my future and the band's. Fate brought me into your lives, and is now steering me in a new direction. I'm thankful for any opportunity I was given to inspire or impact you through our music, and hope something positive has come of my time in your acquaintance, and that that time continues in new meaningful ways.

I'm going to return to the the Hartford, CT area and teach private guitar and bass lessons and brazilian jiu jitsu. I'll continue my work on my clothing line, Antidote Apparel (myspace.com/antidoteapparel), which I feel is a positive contribution I can continue to make to this 'scene' from home, and creatively, I will return to my solo music project (myspace.com/gregwood) on a home-recording, way-pared-down performing level. I care deeply about the kind of difference this band and music can make in people's lives, and I know that my friends and I will continue to care to do that our whole lives in whatever we pursue.

-Greg Wood"