ROAM - neues Album & Europatour



Die Poppunker von ROAM verkuenden das Release ihres zweiten Albums ‘Great Heights & Nosedives’ fuer den 13. Oktober via Hopeless Records Der Nachfolger zu ihrem Debutalbum ‘Backbone’ wurde aufgenommen in Los Angeles, CA und produziert von Kyle Black (State Champs, New Found Glory, Comeback Kid). Unten steht mit ‘Playing Fiction’ bereits eine ersten Single bereit. Frontmann Alex Adam (Guitar / Vocals) dazu:

Playing Fiction is really a song about pretending, and the realisation that things aren't always how they seem. Maybe you’re pretending you're ok, saying nothing's wrong when it actually is, or, as is the case in Playing Fiction, you’re pretending a relationship hasn't run its course when it has. The video for the song centres around myself and Costello walking through a town with strange scenes appearing as the day progresses. It all builds towards our realisation that we're stuck in a fairytale daydream, and we end up being a part of the fantastical world. It was a lot of fun to shoot with all our friends and some cheeky special extras in various costumes. We’ll let you guess as to their identities”.

Zudem kommen die Jungs im November auf Europatour um ihre neuen Songs auch live vorzustellen.