RUINER kündigen "Dead Weight" EP an


RUINER werden ihren anstehenden Longplayer, "Hell Is Empty", am 21 September (UK & Europa) & am 25. September in Deutschland veröffentlichen. Vorab wird am 08. September eine Tease EP namens "Dead Weight" mit zwei Tracks vom Longplayer und 2 exklusiven,“Constrictor” und “Ruiner” (Nine Inch Nails cover), erscheinen. Die EP wurde von J. Robbins während der "Hell Is Empty" Sessions produziert.

Sänger Rob Sullivan kommentiert: “the song ‘Dead Weight’ is about my distaste for where I work and the neighborhood in which I live and how sometimes, regardless of your ability to breathe, you are already dead.”

Zum NIN Cover “Ruiner” fügt er an: “NIN is one band who I have loved since I was in middle school, and I still listen to them on the regular. It is where we got our name from and we knew one day we would try to pull off recording the song ‘Ruiner’. Hopefully we did it justice.”