SAOSIN äußern sich zum neuen Album


SAOSINs Beau hat ein längeres Update zum neuen Album gepostet. Interessenten finden es nachfolgend:

"so, today is saturday. its about 8:50 am, as i start to write this, and i woke up with a really great feeling about what is going to be our new record. since we have been home for the last month or so, i have just been recharging my mental batteries, and getting used to being a normal person again.. there are so many weird things that you have to get used to while you are home... and ill fill you in on some... the first few days i am home from tour, i usually freak out.. i dont know how to act, or what to do. i am looking around the house for a day sheet, (a day sheet is basically a schedule that is put up in your bus every morning, and lets you know what your schedule is for that day.. its nice, and in other ways, mentally crippling. it lets you be able to turn your brain off all day, and just kick into some sort of auto pilot mode, and wait for your tour manager (baby sitter. haha) to come get you and tell you to sound check, or do an interview, etc.) so ya, then once i wake up and look around for a day sheet, i finally realize i dont have one. duh!! but then there is this feeling of stress, because since there is no day sheet, i feel like i am supposed to be doing something, but i dont know what it is. its really screwed up.. and i cant wait til the day some freak doctor makes a pill that we can take that will speed up the process to be instant. but then you get past that, and you can start functioning like a normal human being. since i have been home, i have been getting my engineering skills back up to par. its pretty tough going from "playing" music every night, to "mixing" music the next day... you gotta think of it in two differnt ways... and it pretty hard to do for me sometimes... but now, its been a few weeks, and i have mixed a few projects, and not to toot my own horn, but the sh*ts sounding pretty awesome! i have been investing in lots of cool analog outboard gear, and its making a really big difference in the quality of final product. ok, enough of the geeky stuff.
but like i was saying, i am really stoked to start doing this record.. chris has already come up with a couple songs that are pretty much finished already, which was really inspiring to me, so yesterday i started doing some writing and came up with 2 pretty kick ass songs.. heavier stuff. i have been listening to a lot of norma jean and underoath lately as well as a lot of strange insturmental stuff, and really cheesy adult contemporary stuff... i am a sucker for a great pop song... not pop as in britney spears pop, but just a great song, like 3eb, oasis, stuff like that. not that these songs sound like them, but i guess it just kind of shows through what music people listen to when they write... anyhow, cove and i have been talking about ideas and concepts for the new record, and i cant even to begin to explain how pumped i am... i read that thread that listed all the things that you guys wanted to see happen on the new record... and its pretty cool, because those are pretty much the same things we have been talking about over here. we love our ballads, like you're not alone, i never wanted to, etc... we like our catchy stuff, and we like our heavy stuff.. we wont be turning our backs on any of it... just pushing things a little further... kick ass riffs but with great song writing, awesome melodies.
so here is the plan. we plan on moving into the rehersal space and start jamming on our ideas. this time around we really wanna make sure all the songs are gonna translate live first, before we go into the studio.. in the past, it was the opposite, we would write things in pro tools, then figure out how to pull it off live... but this time we are gonna do kind of a combo... we still do basic writing in pro tools on our own.. then show the ideas to the rest of the band, and then create from there... but to mix things up, we are going to be doing a lot more work in the rehersal space, rather than in front of the computer screen.
so ya, we will be getting into the rehersal space, and probably be jamming on stuff for about a month.

then from there, we plan on moving into the studio, where we will start recording the record.. i think we are planning on being in there for a few months, but as you guys know, we wont stop until we are totally happy with everything we've got. i am really excited.. and its going to be a great ride...
we have got some really cool ideas for ways to keep everybody involved and updated on the process, so hopefully they will all work out.

ok, well, my girlfriend and i are dog sitting today, so we gotta go pick him up... but wanted to give you guys a little idea of whats going on with us...

thanks again for all your support, and i cant wait to get this record out there for you guys.



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von MUnkvayne 28.04.2008 09:17


von xpetex 28.04.2008 09:42

ähem.. wie wärs mit ner kurzfassung!? oO

von Ashcore 28.04.2008 11:48

Zu viel. Nennt der sich wirklich 'Beau'?

von bla 28.04.2008 12:53

seine eltern hatten die idee bei der taufe. verrückt, oder?

von ... 28.04.2008 13:23

kann das jmd zusammenfassen? bin zu faul zum lesen^^

von @ ... 28.04.2008 13:47

richtig. schließlich ist heute Montag :]

von MUnkvayne 28.04.2008 13:48

zusammenfassung: sind bald im studio und album kommt dann irgendwann! ;) ahja, und wird das beste und härteste was die band je geschrieben hat! haha!

von freddy 28.04.2008 14:21

....arschtritt gepaart mit unglaublichen melodien... man kann es nicht erwarten und ist unglaublich excited..

von xpetex 28.04.2008 14:38

coool!!!! klingt ja voll vielversprechend und so!!!!!