SECOND TO LAST - Update zur Bandsituation


Die Poppunkband gibt Neuigkeiten zum MC-Release der "Vessel"-EP, Line-Up-Veränderungen und Zukunftsplänen bekannt.

Das komplette Statement lautet wie folgt:

" Dear world,

As some of you may know, things on our side of the fence have been pretty crazy over the last six months or so. I feel obliged to break down for you what has happened over the duration. So here it goes. After completing recording in April and playing a few shows together, Pat Mays, our guitarist and vocalist, decided to part ways and pursue personal aspirations he had. Though we respect his decision, it could not have come at a worse time for us. We were nearing the release of Vessel and getting ready to do a full US tour. Having a member leave who had so much influence on the writing right before that moment was the worst thing that could have happened.

In an attempt to not abandon the tour we had been so excited to do, we called our friend Joe Lacy to come out and play dates with us in place of Pat. We began throwing around the idea between ourselves and Joe about possibly writing together for the full length. We contemplated how we would make it happen given the fact that we lived on complete opposite sides of the country. After throwing ideas around we realized it could work via sending demos back and forth to each other like alot of bands seem to do when distance is an issue. But the issue was bigger than distance. A month before heading out on tour we lost all contact with Lacy.

No texts, calls or communication of any sort was happening so we prepared for the worst and hit up our friend Max to come along and fill in on guitar for the dates. We packed all our merch into two duffle bags and bought plane tickets to Long Island and split up between the American Verse and Bellwether vans. While we were in Garden City staying with Chris Regan of No Good News, he stated that he would love to fill in on guitar and vocals. So over the course of the 5 or so days before starting our first full US tour we were pretty much practicing the songs for the first time with our friend Kyle holding down bass, Max playing guitar, Chris playing guitar and taking over Pat’s vocals and Kris and I playing our respective instruments. We made it work and progressed over the course of the tour. So to anyone who saw us this past summer just know that you were seeing something that will probably only happen once.

Upon returning home, Kris and I immediately jumped into writing a full length and have been doing so since in between working full time to make up for lost money over the course of the last six months. We cut our losses and put our heads together and did the one thing that is natural to us which is writing songs. Though I can’t sit here and honestly tell you who will be in our band when we decide to head out next, I can tell you that we are working on some of the best songs we have ever written. We will be releasing a split with Dublin, Ireland’s Starters this winter via Quote Your Pulse and City Of Gold Records. In early December we will also be heading to Buzzbomb Studios to work with Paul Miner on our first full length. Though we’ve been through hell and back, we aren’t ready to give up on what was started in the summer of 2007.

We are a band who seem to function best with disfunction for better or for worse. All I can ask of you is to give these songs a chance and to not give up on us simply because we probably don’t fit the ideal criteria of a band. We write songs for us and do this for our sanity at the end of the day but we honestly would not even have the opportunity to keep going if it wasn’t for your support and interest in Second To Last. So thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. We can’t wait to share another chapter and hopefully many more with you."