SETTLE THE SCORE und Mad Mob Records


Die Mönchengladbacher Jungs von SETTLE THE SCOREwerden im Sommer eine MCD auf Mad Mob records veröffentlichen. Hier die Pressemitteilung:

“SETTLE THE SCORE - team up with Mad Mob Records once again - expect a new output in summer 2007. The band will re-release all it´s Mad Mob "the early years" stuff again. We will remix the entire Mcd! We would also include all their 7", sampler tracks and japan outputs on this recording. Last but not least we have a huge collection of live footage, backstage adventures, festival-action and interviews from all over europe, their usa tours and japan. The entire package will look marvelous. This is from the heart. From true fans for true fans of relentless hardcore! Do not miss the MAD MOB RECORDs/ AllAreasEvents Co-op for the bands RECORD RELEASE SHOW in Berlin. 18/05/07 K.17 SETTLE THE SCORE (support: THE BOSS, KING OF CLUBZ, WRATH OF SANITY)”