SET IT OFF - Video zu "Why Worry"


SET IT OFF aus Tampa, Florida stellen ihren Videoclip zum Song "Why Worry" vor, der unten zu sehen ist.
Der Song ist auf ihrem neuen Album "Duality" enthalten, welches diese Woche erscheint.

Saenger Cody Carson zum Video:

"We actually started creating the concept for the ‘Why Worry’ video while we were still in the studio. This song very much embodies duality in the actual characteristics of the music itself, and knowing that this was going to be the first single and that the album is called Duality, we wanted to really drive that point home. So that explains the "Good Cody" and "Bad Cody", the light side of the crowd and the dark side of the crowd, as well as the contrasting moods in the verses and choruses. Also, pay attention to the hand motions in the chorus on the words 'why, why worry at all' (we made our own NSYNC-esque choreographed move) and also the hand symbol we create at the beginning and end of the video...I present to you the duality diamond hand symbol, when I throw it up it shows, I want to see you do it right back!"