SHADOWS FALL - Sänger Brian teilt Tourerlebnisse


SHADOWS FALLs Sänger Brian Fair hat euch einiges von der letzten Tour zu berichten:

"Greetings from Massachusetts, the land of Red Sox hats, thick accents and a Dunkin Donuts on every corner. SHADOWS FALL has just returned home from an amazing seven-week run with our friends in STONE SOUR and LACUNA COIL as part of this year's Jägermeister Music Tour. These shows were absolutely incredible and we can not thank the people that came out to support us enough. This eclectic lineup drew a wide variety of music fans and allowed us to show a lot of new folks what SHADOWS FALL is all about as well as rocking out with old friends and fans. We were playing material from our new album, 'Threads of Life', and the response was overwhelming!!!

Thanks to everyone that sang along and threw down!! Also a huge thank you to STONE SOUR and their entire crew for treating us like family and our friends in LACUNA COIL for the great off date shows and BBQs.

"As usual, the SHADOWS FALL bus became party central on this tour and we did our best to raise the bar and keep the party rocking. What began as a few cops' lights and a disco ball slowly evolved into a nightly dance party disaster complete with a laser light show, fog machine and many PRINCE sing-alongs at Club Shad.

Thanks to Corey from STONE SOUR for keeping the playlist fresh and our sound guy Goody for showing everyone nationwide that he might not be the only dude partying, but he's the best. Our friends at Jäger made sure the bar was fully stocked for the nightly festivities so the party never ended.

We plan on expanding Club Shad this summer and moving it outdoors for this summer's Sounds of the Underground tour so polish up your drinking shoes and follow the party lights to the land ignorance.

We will see ya all again this summer!!"

"Threads Of Life" steht seit Ende März in den Läden.