SMOKE OR FIRE - Bassist verlässt Band


SMOKE OR FIRE Bassist Ken Gurley hat seine Band verlassen. Ken hierzu:

"I am writing to let those of you who do not yet know that this upcoming tour with be my last playing bass in Smoke or Fire. We are doing our ever-familiar I-95 East Coast trip and I almost feel selfish about getting to share the stage with so many of my favorite bands and best friends. We start at CMJ in New York City, hit up the Fest in Gainesville, and then head back to the Northeast to the play Middle East Downstairs with AVAIL.

For me this is a full circle journey as this was the place I first saw them back in '95 and thought "Wow, music can actually /mean /something. It actually is /more /than haircuts and leather jackets. This is something /I /would like to do..."

Our tour ends in Richmond, an appropriate place for me to close this chapter of my life as it was the city we emigrated to after deciding we were taking our futures into our own hands and living our lives on our own terms. A lot has happened since then, but the idea that it's never too late to change your life is still very much alive.

If ever I wanted to be in a band, this was the one for me - I love our little family, our shows, our fans, and our songs. That I can say this makes me feel both lucky and proud. I would like to say a sincere "thank you" to those I won't be seeing on this trip and solemn "goodbye" to those I will never see again. Take care of each other out there."