SOILWORK - gehen etwas technischer zu Werke


SOILWORK Gitarrist Peter Wichers postete Neuigkeiten zum kommenden SOILWORK Album. Hier ein Auszug seines Myspace-Blogs:

"I have since the completion of their record, started writing new stuff for SOILWORK's next upcoming record. The material is shaping up quite well, and I am very happy with the direction that we have chosen to take on this record.

"The material is a lot more technical than before, but still with the catchy elements of our previous works.

"I will be handling the production part of the record, again outside of Lake Norman in the Carolinas. And we start recording drums in Asheville, NC at a studio called Echo Mountain.

"I will work alongside with Jens Bogren for the drums, and then I will fly to Sweden to participate with the mix in Örebro, again with Jens Bogren.

"Next year will be a busy year, and I am already taking on more productions between SOILWORK's schedule, so that will be fun."