SOILWORK kommentieren Chart-Erfolge


SOILWORK haben die erfolge ihres neuen Albums “The Panic Broadcast” so kommentiert:

“We’re super stoked that “The Panic Broadcast” is doing so well! To us, this is the best SOILWORK album yet and it’s great to hear that people are loving it. We’re performing five new songs during our Panic Over North America tour and the reactions are just amazing… Fans are singing along as if this record had been out for years… Looks like we’re going to be on tour for a while! We can’t wait!“

“The Panic Broadcast” schnitt folgendermaßen ab:

Germany: #24 (KW27), #80 (KW28)
Sweden: #37 (KW27), #29 (KW 28)
UK: #42 (KW27)
Austria: #47 (KW27)
Switzerland: #60 (KW27)
Finland: #17 (KW 27)
Billboard EU: #67