STRIKE ANYWHERE - Gitarrist verläßt Band


Matt Sherwood, seines Zeichens Gitarrist bei STRIKE ANYWHERE, hat sich dazu entschlossen die Band zu verlassen. Die verbleibenden Mitglieder haben dazu folgendes zu verlauten gehabt:

"His contribution to this group, its spirit and origin, and to our lives in this mission cannot be accurately described, or overstated. He will be smiling at you all through the songs he helped to write and the good times shared in his eight years helping to build this band with his whole heart. We won't be making a big deal ( or any deal at all ) out of this, and we'd appreciate it if no one else did as there is really not much more to say about it. We are not inviting questions, speculations or any other opinions about it, only a lot of love, understanding and positivity ."

Wer Matt Sherwood ersetzen soll steht noch nicht fest, aber wir halten euch auf dem laufenden.