STRIKE FIRST - Neuer Song online


STRIKE FIRST haben mit "Dethroned" einen neuen Song vom kommenden Album "GOSPELS FOR THE DECEIVED" online gestellt. Ihr findet den Song HIER. Dazu die Band:

"What's up everybody!

Official information from our new record label will follow, but we are more than pleased to give you a little preview of our newest effort: GOSPELS FOR THE DECEIVED.

On our myspace we have added DETHRONED, which is one out of eleven new songs that will be on this new record. We are very happy with the new album as a whole.

The songs are groovier and heavier than ever before, the sound is amazing (Nico and XPZ Sound, you did a great job!!!) and also the artwork looks stunning due to a lot of good work from Sly (

Check it out @

Please take a listen. Note that even the lyrics of this song can be found on our Myspace.

As said before: An official statement will be made by our record label as soon as we have more info on release date and maybe release show(s).

For now, make sure you visit our upcoming shows, especially our shows with Bloodclot!!! Of course we are taking bookings for this fall to promote the album!

Take care,
Strike First"