SUBZERO aufgelöst (1989-2009)


Nach ca. 20 Jahren Bandgeschichte haben sich die New Yorker von SUBZERO aufgelöst. Frontmann Lou Di Bella erklärt:

What's up everybody! So yeah...this is it. After a long 20 year run of smashing stages with Subzero we've decided to lay the band to rest. We had a fuckin blast and live with no regrets. Just wanted to say thank you to all the die hards who stood by us from the very beginning and to all the new supporters we've picked up along the way. All the good words of encouragement, showing up at our shows, reppin' our gear and crankin our music! It's a big part of what kept us alive for this long and we thank you for that.

Over the years we've been slapped in the face and disrespected a thousand times over by promoters, labels and haters alike, but that never brought us down. It only fueled us to work harder and to stick to our ways without conforming to what's popular and trendy in the scene at the time. To write and play the music we like and want to hear. Not write to make money and gain popularity to feed our egos. And if you didnt like it...we didn't fucking care! If you don't understand it...then it wasn't ment for you. We are and always have been down with the underdogs and we're proud of it! We've been happy and content to play to OUR crowd for so many years. Subzero fans have always been real. They are the ones who are about the music and the message rather than what is "cool" and what's not. We never kissed ass to get to where we are today. We never kissed ass to get on any show or tour or any of that bullshit. We started out as the outcasts. We made it this far through hard work, dedication and especially for the love of the music and the scene where it was born. We've certailny had our share of lineup changes through out the years, but at least we stuck it out and remained a part of this scene and contributed greatly to help keep it alive unlike a lot of other bands who just gave it up when shit got rough or their dreams of getting rich and famous crumbled. We stuck it out through the entire 90's when hardcore started to suffer tremendously before it picked back up again and morphed into what it is now in 2000+. The haters can talk their shit about the Murphy's Law's and the A.F.s for rotating the lineup so many times over the years, but you know what....they are still here! They found a way to keep it alive for themselves and more important...FOR YOU! What have you done to help keep this scene alive besides talk shit and complain about everything? They're here as are we because we are what this scene truly represents. It's not a trend or a fashon statement! It's not something that we can just walk away from and come back to when we feel like it. It's a part of our lives. It's our family. It runs deep in our blood. I've watched bands and "fans" come and go with the breeze over the years. We may have changed members here and there, but the name and the integrity has never left. Dedication, passion and respect for where it/we came from and for what we believe in. Along with the support from our fans...thats why we stuck around for so long! So fuck all the haters and the whyney little bitches and complainers! Go out and start your own bands and do something for this scene.

With that dedication we've had the amazing opportunities to play some of the sickest clubs around the world with most of the bands we've looked up to while growing up in the hardcore, punk and metal scenes. Cro Mags, Bad Brains, DRI, Agnostic Front, Motorhead, Misfits, Slayer and the list goes on. And I'm proud to say that it never went to our heads like a lot of other bands out there. Some of which I looked up to at one point in my life. Fuck that shit! We still continued to play scummy bars, basements and back yards FOR FREE through out our entire run up until now. We would come home from playing a festival with Slayer & Iron Maiden out in Europe then head out to Japan for a tour, come home and play in someones basement for free! Thats what its about! It's about having fun and not forgetting where you came from. Giving back. Once all of that disappears the music dies with it. We aint about that and we never were. 20 years and still broke as fuck! Why? Because we love what we're doing and we have fun doing it! If it was for other reasons we would have called it quits many years ago. This music aint paying the bills or for my babys food and diapers. Broke is what I am my friends. But we always find a way to make it work. Day by day. Even with my cancer I found a way to make it happen. I needed to. I needed that outlet. And it helped save my life. Thats how important it is to me.

And over the years, even now we've constantly been put down in the lineup of shows under bands who hardly or never paid their dues and are just down with the who's who and all that crap, but we dealt with it and only played harder. It's always gonna be like that to some degree in certain scenes around the world, but you can't bitch about it. Get in there and kill them with a great show! Thats the sweetest revenge. Use that to inspire you. Fuck all that shit! Fuck all the competition out there nowadays and the make money quick by selling your integrity nonsense. Seems like everyone is out there trying to get bigger and richer and loosing contact with where it came from and what its about. When back in the day, as a was a thousand times bigger than what it is now when there were no "big" labels or "record companies." Just cassette tapes and 7" records. When people had to go out to the shows in order to get the music and the t-shirts rather than going online and ordering it up at the click of a button. Thats what made it strong! Earning your respect. The dedication to coming out and supporting ALL the bands on a bill because they were there playing for you. When people danced for bands they didnt even know and didnt worry about if anyone else around them were dancing or not because the music was fucking hard and it ment something! Not leaving with all your friends after the band you came to see is finished. Or even after YOUR band is finished. Showing respect and paying your dues. And sticking around for the cause. Becoming a part of it and living it rather than using it and abusing it. Bands who still make their own flyers and help promote their own shows no matter how big they get. Getting involved and not expecting everyone else to do it for you. And it's crazy that most of the time in order to get on a "BIG" show or tour these days you need an agent! WTF?! Punk rock and big shot agents. That sucks. If you don't have an agent you may as well get used to playing in front of 20 people at most of your shows. Promoters don't even want to talk to you unless you go whore yourself out to sell some outrageous amount of tickets for them. And even then you're not guaranteed the show. Unless your doing all the leg work yourself. It's hard to keep up with all the competition out there now. It sucks that it has to be that way, but you gotta role with the punches and do what you can. History repeats itself. When this burst of heavy music isnt popular anymore and isn't filling the pockets of all the money hungry labels and big business's anymore....they will drop it like a piece of garbage and move on to "THE NEXT BIG THING" forgetting about us. It happens ALL the time. They'll use our music and look for their big TV commercials and ad campaigns and movies and TV shows and tattoo shop TV shows with no regard to where it came from and throw it all away when it aint TRENDY anymore. So that band or whoever gets their check for the time being, but the rest of us are left with nothing but to have to start all over again after everything has been tainted and shit all over. There's definitely a bunch of labels and promoters out there who you have to respect. Who still run shop out of their homes or tiny offices struggleing to pay the bills, but put all their time and energy into keeping it alive. Respcet to you! You all know who you are.

So anyway, just try to do your part in keeping this scene around by remembering why it began in the first place. How people used to get the shit kicked out of them because of this music and our looks but stuck it out for the cause. Stuck it out so that you had a place go and listen to the music that you could relate to. A place they built day by day with blood and tears (literally) to where it became a place we can call home and get away from all that bullshit in mainstream society. Not give it all away to the same ones who used to laugh at us for the little bit of money to be made. Make your money and keep yourself alive with it, but come on...there's a certain point when you gotta stand up and say something. Or look at yourself and realize how fucked up it is out there now! LOOK AT THE TV!!!! Stagediving jocks and yuppies with their coors light cans!? Mohawks and ever so acceptable now tattoos on these pussy mtv real world kids or hollywood socialites?! Ahhh, you cant change the world by yourself, but you can add a little of your wisdom and teach the new generations what its about. Things have changed and we'll have to adapt to their ways to even consider having a scene at all, but by installing good morals and ethics more often things could be a lot better before its all gone again. Don't think it can't happen. Like I used to be much bigger and stronger at one point, but that got SMASHED down and torn apart just as easy. Keep it real motherfucker! United and strong! I'm proud to say there aint no other music scene out there like the hardcore, punk and metal scenes. We'll always be here no matter what! Even when we're gone. Much respect and thank you for all the great times and new friendships! Come out to our last shows to sing along once more!
Lou Di Bella & Subzero. 1989 - 2009. 20 Years STRONG! One for the UNDERDOGS! Rest in Pieces motherfuckers......

We will be playing a few more shows through out different regions of NY and out of state before we end it. Our first is @ Popeyes Pub in Westchester, NY with JASTA on FEB 27th and then In Brooklyn @ Europa with THE CASUALTIES & THE KRAYS for the A CLOCKWORK ORANGE FEST. That's the last time you'll be hearing THE SUFFERING OF MAN / NECROPOLIS set. Then we'll be going out with a bang at the SUPERBOWL OF HARDCORE aka BLACK N BLUE BOWL @ STUDIO B in Brooklyn MAY 30th. There we will be reforming as the ORIGINAL band doing a strictly OLD SCHOOL set. All the demo and HAPPINESS WITHOUT PEACE classics. You don't want to miss any of these shows! Thanks for the good times and the memories! COURAGE! STRENGTH! PRIDE! LIONHEARTED!!!!!