SYSTEM DIVIDE - bei Metal Blade


Die Modern Metaller von SYSTEM DIVIDE haben bei Metal Blade angeheuert. Die Band besteht aus Sven De Caluwé (ABORTED) und Miri Milman (ex-DISTORTED) am Gesang, Cole Martinez (ex-YEARS OF FIRE, ANTENORA) und Joseph Spiller (ex-THE BINARY CODE) an den Gitarren, Andrew Lenthe (ANTENORA) am Bass und Mike Heller (MALIGNANCY) hinterm Kit. Die Band kann HIER getestet werden.

Sven De Caluwé kommentiert den Deal: "We couldn't be more thrilled to be part of the Metal Blade roster, a label that has been pushing the boundaries of extreme music and putting lots of great new acts in the spotlight. We know SYSTEM DIVIDE is in the hands of a competent team of driven music FANS in the first place who believe in what we do, and we're going to give them their money's worth!!

"We are completing the songwriting for our first album, 'The Conscious Sedation', and are about to enter the studio to start tracking by the end of the month, for those who checked out our EP, get ready for some surprises and more extreme modern metal madness! Rock 'n roll!!"