TAKING BACK SUNDAY - Mark bricht Tour ab


Hier das Statement der Band:
" We are sorry to say that Mark has had to temporarily leave the Projekt Revolution tour. He threw his back out in Phoenix and went for an MRI. The doctor informed him that he has a herniated disc. We know he is in a lot of pain and would not go home if it was his choice. This injury can lead to permanent back pain if not treated so he is returning home for further treatment and rest. We know he is going to return as soon as he is able to.

In the meantime, a long time friend of ours Aaron Stern will be filling in. Aaron toured with us when he was in Matchbook Romance a few years ago and is currently in a new band called godorjulie.com. Aaron was kind enough to practice our set in one day and take the first flight to San Antonio today to join the tour so please give him a warm welcome when you see him.

Thanks for sticking by us through this. If you want to send Mark a get well wish please hit up our myspace page at myspace.com/takingbacksunday and leave him a message. He'll be back as soon as he can. Projekt Revolution has been a great tour so far and there are many dates to come!

We'll see you out there... "