THE ANNIVERSARY - Reunion Shows?


Wir berichteten bereits, dass THE ANNIVERSARY 2008 eine CD / DVD mit bisher unreleastem Material veröffentlichen werden. Nun schließt man auch eine Reunion nicht aus. Lest selst:

" Happy New Year to you all! Hope that 2008 is great one for ya!

As far as The Anniversary is concerned, 2008 will be a doozie.

We are releasing a NEW ALBUM this year that will include our un-released songs. We are also releasing a DVD featuring "live" performances and behind-the-scenes of us just hanging out. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Perhaps a re-union show, too? Who knows.

Peace out,

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von ... 08.01.2008 11:21

Kennt hier doch eh kaum einer...

von torben | allschools 08.01.2008 12:21

ich hoffe schon! the anniversary sollte man jedenfalls kennen!