THE AUTUMN OFFERING - Suchen Bassisten


THE AUTUMN OFFERING haben den Ausstieg von Bassist Mike Poggione verkündet und suchen derzeit nach Ersatz. Hier das Statement:

"Unfortuanately, our bassist Mike has some family concerns that are going to prevent him from preforming in The Autumn Offering. We wish him the best! We don't normally do things like this over Myspace but we're in a jam. We need a bass player for our upcoming run with Threat Signal and The Agonist. If he/she does well on that there are bigger tours to follow. Provided everything flows smoothly one of you could be the new bass player in TAO. Please email the Myspace page with some info like location, gear, touring experience and anything else you want to add. We start rehearsal in a week or so. Looking forward to seeing what you've got!"