THE MENZINGERS - Details zum Diebstahl


Die MENZINGERS melden sich nach ihrem Tourdesaster aus Manchester zu Wort:

"We played a sold out show at The Moho last night in Manchester which ended up being the absolute best show of tour. It was one for the books. [After the show,] everything's going great. We walk around the block to the van and I hear Dave give a quiet "oh fuck". The driver side window was smashed out and three personal bags were stolen [including] my bag with all of our tour money inside it [as well as] $2000 in US in case of an emergency. €5000 Euros, an iPad, 3 iPods, 3 passports, 2 pairs of RayBans, my personal tour journals from the last year and a half which included all of my On the Impossible Past lyrics and all of my memories, a digital camera, prescriptions, It really fucking sucks because it's not your fault and so many - in fact an absurd amount of you want to help out. It's pretty surreal and heartwarming to know we're not alone in this situation."

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von zote2 04.05.2012 19:47

Klar ist das großer Mist was der Band da passiert ist, aber mal ganz ehrlich...was der da aufzählt, lass ich doch auch nicht im Auto liegen. Ob es Backstage sicherer gewesen wäre, ist natürlich die andere Frage ;) Aber da kann man doch wenigstens die Kohle irgend jemandem vertrauten geben.