Der ehemalige FROM A SECOND STORY WINDOW Gitarrist Derek Vasconi hat mit THE MYSTERIOUS PLAN OF GOD eine neune Band ins Leben gerufen. Einen ersten Demo Song gibt es bei MySpace.

Hier ein Stetement von Vasconi zur Band:
"This band is not a copy of what I did in From A Second Story Window. I have decided, after the past year, to play some music with some old friends and combine the very best of singing with hardcore and metal and see what happens. I still plan on going absolutely crazy live though, and yeah, I know, so many bands try this, but give us a listen anyways. Our SOLE purpose is to tour and play shows and connect with others and try to be an example of community for anyone who attends our shows. I want to incorporate what hardcore means to me, and it has always been synonymous with the idea of a community and creating a place of acceptance and love. We are looking to get on the road and never come home, and I sincerely hope that everyone will get behind this project. I know it's another band to adopt and make your own, but do it. We are sincere, and in hardcore and metal, that's all that truly matters."