THE OCEAN Album Update


Ein neues THE OCEAN Album soll im Herbst 2007 erscheinen. Lest das Update der Band:

"We are working day and night on our upcoming album which is due for a summer / fall 2007 release. Configured as a conceptual 2xCD, the album will be divided into a full-length CD of roughly 50 minutes playing time and a mini-cd of roughly 20-minutes playing time. The mini-CD will contain 5 tracks continuing along the path of 2005's critically acclaimed 'Aeolian' album, while the full-length CD will see us explore calmer, but deeper and darker waters... we will reveal more details on the album concept soon.

Drums, bass and guitars will be recorded at legendary Studio 57 in Finland with engineer / co-producer Jonas Olsson in april. Vocals and all orchestral instruments will be recorded at Oceanland in Berlin before and after that. We will keep you posted on the project. The album will be produced by The Ocean's Robin Staps and Jonas Olsson.

U.S. TOUR It is finally happening. We will most probably be touring the US in July. Please don't ask if we come to Williston, North Dakota. We don't know yet and we'll keep you posted once we know more details."