THIEVES & LIARS bei Facedown Imprint Label


Dreamt Music, ein Imprint Label von Facedown hat THIEVES & LIARS unter Vertrag genommen.

Hier Ausschnitte aus der Pressemitteilung:

"Dreamt Music will focus on a diverse assortment of rock bands, attuning to a much wider audience. Citing Facedown's staunch branding in the heavy-music field as one of his main priorities, Jason explained the basis for the Dreamt Music platform. "It is very important that we keep heavy music associated with Facedown so that fans know what they can expect when they see the logo on an album. Dreamt Music affords us the opportunity to allow Facedown's focus to remain specific to its genre while simultaneously giving us the freedom to explore more rock-oriented bands." His sentiment represents that of the entire Facedown staff, all of who are looking forward to hand-selecting fresh talent for the new label's roster as well as the chance to delve professionally into a broader range of music.

The birth of Dreamt Music is not just the realization of a long-term goal for Jason but also a window for him to work more closely with Facedown band members in a new way. The inaugural Dreamt Music release has strong ties to the Facedown Family; Thieves And Liars is a blues-rock outfit ala Pink Floyd that boasts founding member Corey Edelmann, formerly of Facedown's long-standing hardcore band No Innocent Victim. Jason and his staff are tremendously excited about the release of the Thieves & Liars debut album "When Dreams Become Reality." "This album has been playing in the Facedown office non-stop for months and it is an honor to be involved with an album of this caliber," says Jason.

Dreamt Music makes Facedown Records available to support their artists as they freely write the music they love, giving the artists a new expressive outlet. "Good music is good music, and this is a great opportunity for us to use the resources we have built up over the last 10 years with Facedown."

Dreamt Music will be distributed nationwide by RED Distribution and will be serviced to all industry outlets by the Facedown staff."