THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH - neues Album im Juni


THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH aus Ontario, Kanada kuendigen ihr neues Album "Exhale" fuer den 17. Juni diesen Jahres an. Vorab gibt es mit dem Video zur Single "Running With Giants"  einen ersten Eindruck zur Platte. Frontmann Trevor McNevan zum Track:

“This song charges the gates with no apologies, and comes out swingin'. It's the perfect example of what EXHALE was always intended to be, the heavier, more aggressive side to ‘INHALE’ (our last album). The albums were always meant to be a two-part story . If there was a song that best encompasses the ‘release the dogs’ symbolism of the new album’s title, it would be this one."



Thousand Foot Krutch - Running With Giants from Hassle Records on Vimeo.