THURSDAY - Geoff Rickley spricht über die Zukunft


Nachdem THURSDAY nun aktuell eine ungesignte Band sind, hat sich Frontmann Rickley in einem Interview über einige Punkte geäußert.

Zum Label Status sagte er folgendes:

"They weren’t the same label that we signed to. Everybody that signed us moved to Warner Brothers, and there was just like six months during War All The Time when we just didn’t have anybody working there. Then they brought in the new staff and it took us a long time to get used to them. I actually like all the new people, but they were much more focused on bands like Fall Out Boy, The Killers... more of like a real pop thing. Bands like us and Thrice, they just [...] didn’t know what to do."

Weiterhin sagte er folgendes über die eigenen Karriereerwartungen, die wohl nie zu einem MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE mäßigen Hype führen werden:

"I don’t think that would ever really happen to be honest, just from the style of music that we like and the bands that we’ve always looked up to like Fugazi, Refused and Quicksand and stuff like that. That’s been one of the jokes for us as a band is that we got to that level so quickly that it’s almost been like, well where do we go now?"

Das komplette Interview gibt es hier.