TIGER ARMY - neues Album am 20. Mai


TIGER ARMY aus Orange County, Kalifornien kuendigen mit "V" ihr neues und erstes Album seit neun Jahren fuer den 20. Mai via Rise Records an. "V" wurde von Ted Hutt (The Gaslight Anthem, Flogging Molly, The Bouncing Souls) produziert und enthält 13 Songs irgendwo zwischen 60´s Pop-Sounds, Rock, Wave, Punk und Rockabilly. Unten gibt es bereits einen ersten Eindruck zur Platte - den Frontmann Nick 13 wie folgt kommentiert:

“Our sound has always been about a mix of old and new. But this song, like others on the new record, draws from the early ’60s. It was a transitional period after the end of rock ‘n’ roll’s first wave, but prior to the British invasion. There was a lot of sonic experimentation as people tried to figure out, ‘What’s next?’ Radio singles of that era also went on to influence early NYC punk, so ‘Prisoner’ plays with that as well.”


Tiger Army - Prisoner of the Night (2016) by thebestclips