TO THE WIND - Titelsong im Stream


Mit  "The Brighter View" stellen TO THE WIND denr Titelsong ihres kommenden Albums vor, welches am 7. Otober via Pure Noise erscheint. Frontmann Tanner Murphy zum Release:

”The Brighter View" as a record is a combination of everything that is impacting our lives at this moment positively and negatively. The title track touches base with personal feelings towards life on tour and life at home. We wanted to give the listeners an honest point of view of how we view our lives day in and day out, on and off tour. “When the days are torn in two, I can't see the brighter view" means that there are two choices both equally important but you can't commit to both at the same time. You don't know what you want and there's a constant fear of regret that you may lose something along the way. With every choice there is a price to pay whether it's good or bad.”