TRIVIUM - 20 Songs aufgenommen


TRIVIUM bzw. Matt Heafy (schreibt man Heavy nicht mit Vogel "V"??) geben in ihrem MySpace-Blog bekannt, dass sie bereits 20 Demosongs im Kasten hätten. Aber lest selbst:


20 songs recorded: 20. 20!!!

We've NEVER recorded this many songs for an album ever 20!!! and these are all DEMOS.

These have been the most extensive demos we have ever done, before we'd merely just do a quick demo of the songs we were to record for the upcoming album. This time we wrote it, re-wrote it, worked and arranged, recorded and re-recorded so its gonna be good.

Next step is for me to write the lyrics and vocals for the latest batch of 10 songs, record those then we'll have our producer come down and we will work out the kinks of all 20 tracks and wittle them down and pick the absolute best songs for the new album.

Then? actually do it. haha.

We're so happy with the new material. It's our strongest material to date; it encompasses everything that is Trivium to the four of us.

Anyway, we miss you all, have fun doing whatever it is your doin and we'll try to get this thing out to you as soon as possible."