Hier das Update von TURBONEGRO:

"We are back in the stuio to keep recording basic tracks for another two weeks. It is going great and sounds fantastic just listening to the drums on their own.

So far we have been recording at Fagerborg Studio, a place with lots of Norwegian pop history in the walls. After this two week spell we will probably continue at Crystal Canyon, then it's off to a country full of fat people to mix. Knut is producing and him, Chris and I ("The Power Trio") are perfecting most of the songs as we speak. This is BIG stuff, very catchy and in your face (ass), very Deathpunk.

Some titles: "Boys From Nowhere" and "Bleed For Me (All Night Long)". The working title for the record was for a while "Born To Motherfucking Run", but we dropped it after we received an anonymous phone call from our lawyer. We have decided on a new title, which will be revealed at a later point. Studio duty kept us from going to the Turbojugend Welt Tage, which we heard was a blast (despite the St Pauli loss against the Bavarians), thanks to all involved for making and keeping Turbojugend magic.

OK, stay tuned for more stuff soon. Same channel. MyAss.com."