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Hier die Pressemitteilung:

"After touring Europe in spring with their friends in Terror and playing summer festivals with bands like Dismember and Madball, Teamkiller locked themselves up in their rehearsal room and started working on new material which will tear your ears apart!
Gearing things up, the band put up a brand new song, "Spiritual Relief", to their myspace site. "It's a pre-production so people can get an insight into our musical advancement, an impression of what to expect from the next release and a teaser for our next live shows…" guitarist Felix Grammer says.

More important, there was a line up change. Singer Michael Speidel decided to leave the band due to personal reasons: "After four years of dedication and motivation I set other priorities in my life. It was a difficult decision for me, for I loved what I did. I also met a lot of people all around Europe and made new friends. However, in the course of time we realized that we had different views about future prospects, yet I still wish the others all the best!"

Fortunately, Teamkiller always had another talented singer and experienced frontman in their rows, so it was an easy decision that former bassist and founding member Peter Bastian took over vocal duties. "We thank our friend Micha for everything he did and especially the great time we had. We also wish him all the best, will never forget what we shared and stay close friends."

Out of this alteration the band is more than pleased to welcome a new member on bass: Jan Heinisch from Stuttgart's Hardcore outfit Heartbreak Ridge! "I always was into Teamkiller's aggressive sound and overpowering live performance so when Peter asked me if I want to join it was not even a question." The latter explains that "Jan is a great addition to the collective and has proven to push our powerful sound even more!"

Teamkiller will continue to work on their next release while tour schedules are in the making. There are already new show dates announced for the next months including this year's Persistence Tour featuring Hatebreed and many more.
Check the band's myspace for new dates and their brand new song "Spiritual Relief"!


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von fu 13.11.2007 00:09

hab ich schon bei hardkern gelesen :D

von kenny 13.11.2007 00:34

wer liest hardkern, alter? echt die mieseste seite die es gibt...

von fu 13.11.2007 04:38

yo, stimm ich dir zu, aber ich les alles, auch schund

von pain 13.11.2007 07:49

dafür wäre mir ja meine zeit zu kostbar :)