The New Amsterdams - \"Killed Or Cured\" als Download


The New Amsterdams haben ihr neues Album "Killed Or Cured" samt Artwork komplett
zum Download ins Netz gestellt. Das Album wurde geschrieben, als sich die Get Up Kids gerade trennten. Hier entlang zum Download.

Matt's Statement
"For those of you new to this it's the album that I wrote and recorded while The Get Up Kids were breaking up. Long story short it's a kind of a downer for the most part and really more theraputic for me than anything. This record is really the end of one chapter of my life and "Story Like A Scar" which is the first album that was written with the new band was the beginning of a new one. So, I decided that Story would be the next "proper" New Ams record and that rather than scrap Killed Or Cured we'd give it away for free.
For those of you keeping track you should already have all of these songs but one. "Has Anyone Seen My Wings" is a strange little song that's just me and a banjo. I hope you like it. I'm relieved that this record is finally available in one package with the artwork and sequence as I'd intended. Enjoy."